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    How to register Lightroom from software?


      I purchased Adobe Lightroom 4 on 10/31/12 from the Apple Mac App Store.  I have been using the software alongside Adobe Photoshop CS6 for the past two years.  My MacBook needs to be set back to its original factory settings and I wasn't sure how to get the two Adobe programs back onto the computer once I reset it.  I contacted Adobe and they only see that I have purchased Photoshop CS6 with my member name.  I purchased Photoshop CS6 and downloaded it from Adobe's website.  I told them that I purchased Lightroom and downloaded it from Apple's Mac App store.  I even went back into my email history and found the iTunes receipt that shows the purchase with the order number from Apple.  I figure that I may not have registered the software and that may be why my member account with Adobe doesn't show I purchased Lightroom?  If this is the case, is there a way I can go about registering Adobe Lightroom 4 directly from the software itself?  Thanks.