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    License Deactivating




      I had (quite some time back) purchased perpetual license for LightRoom 5 online through Adobe website, downloaded the software through the download link given to me and have installed it. Also ran the update 5.7 yesterday. Absolutely no problems. I also know that I could activate it on 2 computers.


      But I have activated on only my Home Laptop where I use LR most of the time - at home. I would also like to install

      on my office computer in my personal cabin for occassional use. If I did so, my two activations allowed would get



      Now if I wanted to change my Home Laptop to a Desktop with higher specs & better graphics card, the license has to be transferred from the Home Laptop to the new Desktop.


      I also have a perpetual licenses for Photoshop Elements 3. PSE 8 & PSE 12 (PSE 12 was purchased along with LR5)


      PSE 3 & PSE 8 have one feature "Deactivate License" from the Help menu. One could deactivate the license from a particular computer and then reactivate it on another computer.


      Now, there is no such "Deactivate License" found in LR5 /5.7.


      Same issues I have with my Photoshop Elements 12 which I bought along with the LR 5 . Please note that I did not subscribe to Creative Cloud - but these are perpetual licenses.


      Please kindly throw some light on this. I am totally confused.


      Thanks in advance


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          DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

          You are right there is no deactivate process for Lightroom. The license is single user / owner, it is cross platform Mac & or PC, you can have two active installations with one in use at any point in time, you can install on one and uninstall on another as many times that it is necessary. Just use the license key.

          There is no monitoring from Adobe like there is with PS CS and Elements.

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            PRSS Level 1

            Thank you very much for the reply DdeGannes. Now I have to get clarification for my PSE 12. I think I should post it in that forum.


            With best regards