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    How much improvement can I get from this upgrade?


      I'm planning to upgrade my system and I'm looking for suggestions on my plan. My current system is:

      Intel Core i7 3770

      Radeon HD 7570

      500Gb SSD for everything

      1tb HDD of extra storage

      10Gb of RAM

      Rendering is slow and a lot of dropped frames occurs when editing 4k in Premiere Pro CC. And my graphics drivers crashes when push the system too hard

      This is my parts list for my future build:

      Intel Core i7 5820k(will be overclocked)

      Asus x99 deluxe motherboard

      16Gb ddr4 RAM

      Asus STRIX GTX 970

      240Gb SSD

      the 500Gb SSD and 1tb hard drive will be put I this build.

      I have a few questions. How much of a performance improvement(faster renders, lower dropped frames etc.)would I see with this build? If I just upgrade the GPU, an SSD and increase the RAM size to 16Gb to my original system, how much performance improvement would I see? The upgrade to the 5820k will cost $1000 and I'm wondering if I can upgrade everything else except for the CPU, motherboard and ddr4 RAM?


      Thanks in advance!