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    FCPX to PP Convert Questions...


      Hi Guys,


      I am switching from Mac to a powerful editing PC workstation, and this includes a switch from FCPX to PP. I initially switched because even though FCPX is great, you can't compare it directly to PP without including the huge cc suite to back it up. However I am having some issues with getting efficient with PP.


      My first main issue is just organizing and viewing media in a quick way. I must state first and foremost that I am the type of editor who believes in bin organization over using timelines with bulk clips. My current workflow in FCPX was to bring the clips in and favorite certain portions of clips (indicated with a greenline on bin's clips)  and then adding a metadata keyword to label the clip beyond it's main hierarchy (ex: 5dmk3_CF1> (keyword) Wedding Ceremony, Shown in Picture with purple). I found this system extremely effective when I started to forget the run of a shoot day after not editing project for some time or jumping between multiple jobs. My question is, how do you guys organize media on bin level to this degree? I know there is a subclip option but it becomes extremely tedious when having to possible rename every clip or just not having hot keywords to organize to another bin quickly with keyword tagging like FCPX.


      Another issue I have been running into is how PP displays the media. I know the hover scrub is there, but depending on the media, especially AVCHD, the scrubbing becomes so delayed that it's hard to make in and out points without going to the source monitor. Do you know if there is any way to make a rolling scrubbing playhead while hovering/scrubbing through clips and not to have to click down on the mouse to scrub? Also is there anyway to automatically have all footage being scrubbed through to display on the source monitor without having to double click overtime? It's kind of hard to make in and out points with using the tiny thumbnails of the bin. Finally is there any way to show clip lengths visually with the thumbnails like FCPX? As you can see there are multiple thumbnails with this one clip (indicated in orange) that show me the length of the clip visually (hard to tell in this example without other clips in the bin of shorter length) and show me quickly where a specific scene is a long clip?


      I know premiere is a absolute monster and I would like to harness it's speed both computationally and with the dexterity and organization of being a good editor. I would just hate to move back a few steps from a system that was extremely efficient. All suggested workflows are welcome and thanks again!





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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you want to learn PP you have to forget all about FCPx.

          (I am have the same issue the other way around, trying to learn FCPx like I am used to in PP: but that is not how it works).

          Some things are totally different. Like PP does not do skimming. Does not have a Favorite indicator.


          I would get myself a couple of months subscription at Lynda.com and dig through some courses.

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            kgyalla Level 1

            Hi Ann,


            Thanks for the info. But is there anyway to manipulate the workspace to use PP in a way of smaller things like playback? Like hover scrubbing to source monitor automatically?