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    Have a problem ... not loaded project.  Premier pro has encoutered an error  [f:\ppro603_Win64\shared\adobe\mediacore\mediafoundation\api\inc\keyframe/k]  }


      Have a problem ... not loaded project. working on it for 8 months. never was nothing like this either with him or with other projects. When you load a project Premier generates an error .{ Premier pro has encoutered an error  [f:\ppro603_Win64\shared\adobe\mediacore\mediafoundation\api\inc\keyframe/k]  }    Create the eve autosave project also not loaded. When I sav'd the project for the last time about the Premiere pro me warned about any problems and save projects without any problems. It is only one thing was unusual in the program - the timeline when switching between sikventsy constantly dropped as user's settings. And as usual. I tried to load the project from another computer. Import the project into the after Effects . import the project into a new project about Premier pro. But it did not solve the problem. all the time the error. Please help, a lot of work in this project. This is a great betrayal of the Premier pro...