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    Avid DNxHD files broken since latest CC 2014 update


      Our standard workflow includes working with Quicktime Files from our Avid workstations (exported as "Same as Source", usually in Avid DNxHD 185).


      This has never before been an issue. However, since the latest CC 2014 update, we have the following issues:


      - Some clips are not displayed at all (the screen shows all red)

      - Some clips show artifacts (as if not in the full resolution, after converting the same source file to e.g. ProRes, the artifacts in After Effects are gone)

      - Some clips partially show red frames (s. #1 above).


      We have downloaded and installed the latest version of the Avid Codecs, which hasn't changed anything. When opening the same files in After Effects CC (none-2014), everything seems fine.


      Does anybody else have the same problems or any suggestions how to solve this issue? Or is this a bug introduced in the latest CC 2014 update?