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    Performance inside Premiere Pro (looking for new GPU)

    CinecomBVBA Level 1

      Hey everyone,


      I do lots of green keying inside After Effects with the Keylight plugin. Then I bring that comp to Premiere Pro where I do the editing. I really like this workflow, but my system is having trouble to playback the footage in real-time inside Premiere Pro. I must note that I work with the Lumix GH4 in 4K (native). Here's a list of my current hardware:


      • CPU: Intel i7 3930k (3.2Ghz, 6 cores)
      • Memory: Crusial 8GBDDR 1600Mhz (x4 = 32GB total RAM)
      • Work disk: WD 7200rpm in RAID5
      • Application disk: Crusial M4 SSD
      • GPU: Gainward GTX580 3GB


      As far as I can tell I think the problem lays either at the limitation of the software of my GPU. So my question is, will it help to invest in a "GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 760 4GB" ?


      Thanks in advance,