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    Artifacts in Premiere Pro cs6




      Before couple of days i received a footage made with Canon Legria HF S21 E and the files are with extension .MTS full HD.


      When I tried to import it in Premiere or After Effects both programs didn`t include the sound of the video just the image. After a bit of a research I found a solution that perhaps my codec`s are old and they may need refresh after which i had also to rename the video extension from .MTS to AVI

      After that procedure was done the video was imported without problems for the sound but another problem appeared. After cutting different parts of the footage and placing it in a sequence it started to show sometimes weird artifacts as the following:


      Artifact 1.JPG

      Artifact 2.JPG

      So far the things i have tried is updating again my codecs K-Lite pack 1085 full.

      I have imported the footage from external and internal hard drives.


      Please let me know if you have any suggestions.