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    InDesign Data Merge problem with field names


      Hi to all.


      I am trying to create a sales catalog with data merge. I have product name, description, old price, new price and image. However, when I select my .csv file as data source, InDesign recognizes different fields as one and puts them all together. I tried copying and pasting to new spreadsheet,  retyping the info myself, saving as tab delimited and as comma delimited file. To better illustrate, here are exemplary screenshoots:

      csv.jpg datamerge-problem.jpg


      Please help, I don't understand what I am doing wrong. I'm a regular InDesign user for almost a decade, but I haven't used DataMerge until now, never needed it. I have basic knowledge in Excel, so if I did something wrong there please inform me (do I have to tell it somehow to "split" them into fields?).


      Thank you in advance!