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    Editing with PluralEyes synced external audio

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      Hi - somewhat of a newbie here...so please bear with me!


      I shot some video yesterday with a rode shotgun mike attached to the in-camera microphone jack on a Canon HFG30, and set recording to use the cameras external mike.  This was sent by hdmi to the NInjaBlade.  I also recorded separately on a Zoom H6 recorder using the XY mike.


      I successfully used PluralEyes to sync the audio tracks.


      I have 90 mins of recordings and want to create clips/subclips that I can move around, intersperse with other content etc.


      If PremPro subclips are the most useful approach, how do I get the synchronized master sequence into the source window so as to create i/o points that would allow me to create the subclips?  How do I link the Pluraleyes synched track to the video/hdmi sound track so that i/o mark clipping selects the synched external audio and includes it in the subclip?


      Or maybe there's a better way all together...or a step-by-step method for achieving this.  I guess I could use the razor blade on the master sequence, but that seems rather destructive and might limit my ability to re-edit the trim positions.


      Any help/guidance would be appreciated so much.  Does anyone have a workflow they could share?


      Many thanks,


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          andrewn1951 Level 1

          Since nobody jumped in to offer any assistance, I thought it might be useful to other newbies like me to share my last two days of effort at trying to come up with a workable workflow.


          So initially, I got excited with using Prelude to generate shorter clips that I knew I would need from the accumulated rough video.  So I opened each video file in Prelude, created subclips along the timeline to match those areas I wanted to save.  I then created a RoughCut, added the subclips, then exported the rough cut to create a new folder of transcoded files.  Then I took that folder of clips and attempted to synchronize it with the audio files using PluralEyes.


          This didn't work, because many of my clips were short (less than 5 secs) and this inhibited the PluralEyes algorithm from being able to come up with exact matches.


          Back to the drawing board!


          So I then synched all original video files (i.e. unclipped/edited) with the external audio using PluralEyes and exported it to the standard .xml output file.


          I imported this directly into PremierPro and it gave me a single long sequence that had all files spaced appropriately along the timeline.


          Then the epiphany...based on my knowledge of how film editors used to work!  The secret is to isolate and remove what you don't want, rather than try to isolate and save what you do want!!!  So I went along the timeline creating in/out points to span the areas of junk.  And used the Extract tool to remove the unwanted stuff.  This resulted in a timeline of individual clips with internal and external audio lonk to the video.  Because I was sure to set the i/o markes such that a few extra frames were available at the beginning and end of each wanted clip, I can know go into each and refine the trim on a frame by frame basis.


          Wow I did it!!  I'm sure there are other, maybe better ways to do this (it seems PremPro always offers multiple ways to achieve anything!)...but this workflow works for me and I'll keep using it until I find a better way!!


          I hope this is of value to at least one other person out there!!