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    gotoSlide() does not work (at all?)

    Hasenstein Level 1
      I've searched everywhere but the only thing I found was other peoples questions about gotoSlide() issues and almost never an answer! Are there so few people using slide based presentations in Flash?

      I have a slide setup like this:


      on "mediacontrols" I have an mc with a cb. I have a event listener for the cb which fires on change events (verified). It reads event_obj.target.selectedItem.data, which holds the name of the slide to jump to.

      Whatever I try, I cannot make this simple jump! According to the help I should be able to do something as simple as _root.presentation.mediacontrols.gotoSlide(slide2) (I also tried the hardcoded variant instead of the event object, not even that works). The Adobe help only has examples for what doesn't work (none of those things is an issue here), maybe one that DOES would be better... anyway, what seems to be a very simple command simply won't work no matter what I try (since yesterday, for hours, many variants).

      Does anyone have a clue, or maybe an example that DOES work (have yet to see one)?

      I can get this kind of navigation to work using "behaviors" I found. However, a) I can only navigate based on the change event in general but not based on what item the user actually selected in the cb, so that's most useless... and b) I would like not to mix in behavior, I have all my AS code in one external file loaded at the beginning (slide "presentation" frame 1).

      But another question: is it possible to VIEW the AS code created by the added behavior? Because that would show me how to do it!

      UPDATE 2: last question about viewing AS code for a behavior solved, I just found a behavior simply adds "real" AS code to the component, "real" meaning I can see it in the code window.
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          Hasenstein Level 1
          Solved it by looking at the code generated by adding a behavior. See attached code for reference, I only changed "this" to "e.target" because I use an event listener in an external AS file and the behavior uses "on (change)" directly attached to the component. Also, I added call to "eval" to make using a variable possible with gotoSlide().

          I should add that in my project the data column of the cb component contains the names of the slides (screens).