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    completely newbie urgent question - CMYK issue with printer


      Hello guys.

      First of all sorry for my poor english skills, english isn't my first language, and I learned it alone, so probably it will have a lot of errors.


      I'm just an human resource guy with a mission, print the folder of the company!


      I hired a friend to make the folder, a skilled and creative guy, but with a little problem... addicted to drugs, this guy was arrasted and I don't wanna tell to my boss, - Hey dude, my friend was arrested with coke, you will have to spend more money =/


      So i want to figure it by myself, but I have 0 skills with indesign...



      The indesign file is complete, all informations and pictures, tables, fonts, background seems perfect TO ME, but the printer is complaining that the file don't have real blacks".


      I don't know how a black can't be a real black but's ok.


      Seems that i need to change the background and everything else to C40 M 0 Y0 K100


      Here's to pages of the folder, I really don't know what to do


      [url=http://postimg.org/image/bywrzn5z9/full/][img]http://s18.postimg.org/z0dd5e5mx/image.jpg[/ img][/url]

      View image: 3

      [url=http://postimg.org/image/kfen86lmr/full/][img]http://s21.postimg.org/n9hslmnt3/image.jpg[/ img][/url]


      Please, if anyone knows how to help me, I'll be really thankfull