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    Strange Premiere Export Behavior


      So I'm exporting a Premiere timeline that's an After Effects linked composition.  I hit "export" and the progress bar just sits there, telling me it's has 8 hours remaining, and basically not moving at all, or making 1% progress every 15 minutes.  BUT, if I click over to After Effects and poke around for a second (literally just clicking on different panels, but not actually doing anything), then come back to premiere, suddenly the export starts ZOOMING, running through 10% of the project in ~30 seconds.  Then...it stops again.  So I have to babysit this whole export, clicking over to After Effects, clicking back to Premiere, watching 10% of the project progress at a time then stopping, then clicking back over to After Effects and starting again.


      It's not the worst thing that could happen since in the end I get the project exported in a reasonable amount of time, I'm just wondering why premiere seems unable to figure out how to export for itself?