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    To share a library and a font type

      How do I share a library among different fla files? For instance I have three fla files which will use the same images.

      Is it possible to share a font type among these fla files too?
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          mclem Level 1
          This is taken straight from the help in flash on "working with common libraries"

          Working with common libraries
          You can use the sample common libraries included with Flash to add buttons or sounds to your documents. You can also create custom common libraries, which you can then use with any documents that you create.

          To use an item from a common library in a document:
          Select Window > Other Panels > Common Libraries, and select a library from the submenu.
          Drag an item from the common library into the library for the current document.
          To create a common library for your Flash application:
          Create a Flash file with a library containing the symbols that you want to include in the permanent library.
          Place the Flash file in the Libraries folder located in the Flash application folder on your hard disk.
          Note: The Libraries folder is located in the application-level configuration folder, one of several configuration folders placed on your hard drive when you install Flash. For the location of configuration folders, see Configuration folders installed with Flash.
          [end quote]