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    What setting should I use for exporting an MPEG2 for broadcast?


      What are the best settings when exporting video from Adobe Premiere CS6 in MPEG2 format? It plays fine over the web but when broadcast on the local access channel, there is no sound.  I was using the preset MPEG2 and the Multiplexer was set to MPEG2 also. I asked this question earlier but accidently marked it 'assumed answered'. The local access channel uploads my video file into their Adobe Premiere Pro CC and then exports it as an MPEG2 directly into the server that controls the broadcast. When watching the broadcast from the web, it plays and has sound. But turn the TV on and watch the same video at the same time, and there is no sound. I am a bit confused and would greatly appreciate any help with this perplexing multiplexing problem. Thanks