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    Smudge layer bug?


      Is this a bug,  or is it how is supposed to work?


      Create a new layer, add some  different colors, and select the smudge tool.


      Smudging inside the drawn area works properly, but if you smudge into the un drawn area, you get what looks like a hard edge, and a color burn effect! Worse, you cannot smudge from the undrawn area into the painted color!


      (This works fine in desktop,  and is a common way to blend an addition. )


      I can't believe this feature is broken like this!

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          that smuge tool is a real disappointment!

          on photos it only burns (darkens).

          i assume it does not perform like it should.


          i have the phone(1.3.5) and tablet (1.5.1) version on note3 and note10.

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            Gareee58 Level 1

            It smudges for me on painted pixels,  but if there is a transparent background  it just burns it.  I don't understand how abode can release this in this state. ..everything always works in desktop photoshop, or there is a fix within days. This had been out for ages now.

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              micke0707 Level 1

              Smudge works on my phone with painted pixels, but i think it burns on tablet.

              does Adobe know about this bug?!


              Smear works great on Autodesks sketchbook! ☺

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                Gareee58 Level 1

                On both my phone And tablet, smudge works on an image, but burns on a blank canvas area. I would think after a year they would be aware of it...LoL!

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                  micke0707 Level 1

                  Why doesn't anyone from adobe answer this?


                  For me smear only burns on both tablet and phone.

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                    KAREHN Level 1

                    You are experiencing poor software programming on behalf of Adobe. The app is 'supposed' to help us begin or continue on a project being worked on. Adobe Customer Care encourages complaints, bugs or other issues be posted here. If Adobe cared about their clients' concerns the would be addressed by now. The brushes are terrible. .. they also leave a dark boarder at the edge of the paint brush stroke. This is frustrating when creating a gradient from scratch. Keep telling them about every issue experienced with PS Touch.