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    DW-FW 8 Roundtrip Editing Incomplete

      I have an existing web site composed of 10 HTML files created in Dreamweaver 8. The site has a CSS-based navigation bar with pop-up menus, all created in Fireworks 8.

      I now have to make changes to the nav bar--in FW 8, I added a pop-up menu item then clicked Update HTML (replace HTML and images). Back in DW 8, this does not update the nav bar in the HTML files. Is there a step or setting I need so that the nav bar changes I did in FW are made at once across all 10 HTML files in DW? The site will soon be growing to more than 100 HTML files with the same nav bar, and this automated update will really come in handy.

      Additionally, if there is a way to update all files at once, can the changes propagate through HTML files in multiple subdirectories under the document root?

      Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!