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    Formatting a single piece of text in a text box (I know... I'm sorry)




      I'm having real trouble working out how to format a single word within a text box in Edge.


      I've looked at all the questions on here around this, and they all seem relatively straightforward, but nothing I am doing is working.


      I've created a symbol with a text box, called initialText. I've then placed the following code into compositionReady on the Stage:


      sym.$('initialText').html('<p>When making business decisions, it is helpful to ask yourself <strong>the five questions</strong> on the left. If your answer to any of these questions is "no", you should stop what you are doing straight away and seek guidance from your manager, your HR department or your Legal and Compliance team.</p>');


      However, it's just not showing any text at all. I'm tearing my hair out - how can it be so difficult to format a single word?


      Could someone please talk me through it step by step, assuming that I'm an idiot?






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