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    Cannot open software


      I recently installed Premiere Pro CC 2014 to my computer, but I am unable to open it - an error message appears stating: Adobe Premiere Pro could not find any capable video play modules. Please update your video display drivers and start again.


      My computer is an HP Notebook. My IT department has looked into the issue and has installed new video drivers (HP & AMD) and has even looked into the BIOS for a switchable graphic setting, which was not available - and Premiere Pro will still not open.


      He and I believe that I need a new computer that is capable with and able to handle the software. Can you please let me know if there is anything else I can do to open the software on my existing computer or if I need to purchase a new one? If I do need a new computer, can you please let me know what kind I should get? I need a PC for work, so he recommended an Intel CPU I7 (16 gigs) and said I would need to install Nvidia as well.


      Any help would be appreciated, thank you.