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    Why Are Stills/Graphics Shaking After Export in Premiere Pro?


      Working with CS5.5, my exported video is showing the still-graphic with a weird shimmering effect. I need help resolving this issue ASAP.


      Original video is AVCHD but the video seems to be OK. It's only the titling and and other graphics that do not contain motion.


      Other details:


      - The final output to the preset 1080p 29.97 HQ selection. Also tried the Youtube HD preset and same thing happened.

      - Using Windows, ASUS machine

      - No other boxes selected in the export window

      - Some of the graphics were created in AE, but others were just text using the Premiere titling feature


      I have seen this problem in the past on occasion with other computers and have never been able to understand the issue.


      Please help. Thanks!