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    RoboHelp11 - Search doesn't find a PDF with word in Title

    Deb Newman Level 1

      I am having challenges with some PDFs being found when you search. For example.


      Using Sleep as the search word, the PDF document with a title "Sleep Apnea Guideline" should have been found. But it isn't. Many other documents and websites are found but not the one I expected.

      And even when I search for Sleep Apnea, the document is not found.


      The primary layout is Multiscreen HTML5.


      So far I have managed to solve every problem that my client has asked to solve so that they can use RoboHelp as the method to deliver a large number of reference documents and websites. Unfortunately, this one issue my stop everything. I am not able to explain why the document cannot be found.


      Am I doing something wrong?