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    CC2014 Cache Issue/Bug?


      Has anyone had any Cache issues withe After Effects CC2014? I'm using the latest version and myself and a co-worker are having cache-related(we think) issues whenever we re-time something.



      Specifically I was trying to create a looping comp using a 1second comp that uses the loopOut expression. It's basically a rangefinder set of lines that continuously move to the right. Inside the 1s comp it loops perfectly, but when I use loopOut, no matter what I do, or check, it creates a huge amount of motion blur on the last frame of the comp(even though it doesn't happen at all in the precomp)



      My coworker was re-timing a scene with a person using twixtor pro, the footage is touched up to remove some wrinkles under the subjects eyes, but when twixtor is applied it appears to be using the wrinkled-eyed footage. It's 100% opacity and doesn't have a blend mode or any expressions. The original un-retouched image with wrinkles is a hidden(not shy) layer under the new footage for timing/matching purposes.

      When the original footage is removed from the comp and the cache is cleared it seems to clear up.



      Any thoughts/suggestions?