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    Same Computers/Settings - Different Render Times

    Civil Service Cog

      Hello, great and powerful Adobe Community.  My coworker and I have identical machines (Dell Precision T7600 - Xeon 2GB, 32 GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro K5000, Windows 64 bit OS), both running Adobe CS6.  Our render set-up for After Effects is to pull source footage from the main HD (2 TB), render to a second HD (150GB), with a third HD (150GB) set up for cache, media cache, and database folders.  Both machines are set up to render multiple frames simultaneously.  However, for some reason his machine is taking ridiculously long to render.  For the same file, my machine finishes rendering in about 2hrs, while his is showing an estimated time of 17 hours.  When left to run overnight, his machine still hasn't finished the next morning and shows 60+ hrs remaining.  This is a recent problem and his computer has had reasonable render times up until recently.  Software is up to date across the board, no new software has been installed on either machine lately, and any updates required by our system admin would have been applied to both.


      Other than checking that the above listed conditiions are identical between our two towers, I'm not sure where to look for the problem.  Can anyone suggest a reason for his machine's poor performance?  Any insight would be appreciated.  My thanks in advance for your help.