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    Can I disable the feature where during ingest, the preview thumbnail is darkened until I hover over it?

    PanLeft Level 1

      I am a photo and video editor, and in both Interlude and Lightroom, the thumbnail of each image or clip is darkened and/or vignetted, until I hover over it with my mouse. This is extremely frustrating because for me, the whole purpose of having a thumbnail preview is to see which clips are exposed the best and framed the best. When the thumbnail is darkened by default, I have no way to tell if it's exposed properly until I hover over every single one. It also makes it harder to really see what's going on in the thumbnail, since there's less contrast and exaggerated shading. The thumbnail darkening and vignetting is a big time waster and as far as I can tell, completely pointless from a workflow standpoint. Can you please tell me how to disable this feature so that when I look at a thumbnail, it actually looks like it is supposed to? In other words, it shows an accurate representation of the actual clip/photo?


      Thanks, I appreciate any help you can offer!