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    BCC8 crashes with PremierePro

    steevkn Level 1

      I have a sequence edited form ProRes422 1080i50 clips ( originally captured from HDV deck in AvidMC exported as prores to a lace thunderbolt SSD drive) , which I am trying to deinterlace using BCC 8.3 with the latest PremierPro CC on a 2011 i7 MacBookPro with Yosemite 10.10.1

      I am getting many crashes if I try to add to all the timeline clip.

      Any that I render (preview files same PRORES) I get many glitches, some with wrong colours, others with parts of the frame inverted, or whole frames inverted, usually a couple of glitches every 2 sec or so.

      After adding the BCC (no timeline colour to red line) the computer gets very slow and often completely crashes resulting in a automatic reboot.


      I have an aja io xt, but get the same problems whether its connected or not.


      Any ideas?