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    Set exact sizes for brushes

    randomblink Level 1

      Well, I tried to create an 'Idea' instead of a 'Discussion' and after filling out the entire form, writing it up and everything, the stupid Adobe Interface tells me I don't have permission to create an 'Idea' in this community!?!?!?!


      Adobe, if I can't create a thing... don't give me a bloody thing creator button!!!!!


      GAH! SO... anyway...


      I was wondering if anyone else wishes they could enter an exact size in numbers/pixels/inches/etc for the brush size and opacity? I mean it's kinda nice... sometimes... to touch and slide up or down to set the opacity and size, but when you need things to be exact, it really sucks that I can't enter digits to make sure that multiple objects share the same opacity or multiple points / lines share the same size.


      VERY frustrating...

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          darenwoodward Level 2

          I kinda like to keep it loose myself. When you're working with a pressure sensitive stylus, and the tools are all built around the blob-brush model, you're never going to get the exact same line width anyway. I feel that typing in stroke width and opacity percentages would slow things down to much.


          That said, I do think the slider controls are too sensitive. Maybe there could be a way to set pre-sets in preferences, so the stroke-width could be in increments of 1, 2, etc. instead of half-points, or the opacity slider could be in 5 or 10 point increments.

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            I'd like to be able to set a "style" so I can return to the previous tool. That might be easy and workable.