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    ExtendScript Timeout Error

    frameexpert Level 4

      I have a client that has an ExtendScript script that works fine in the ExtendScript Toolkit. It reads a control file and for each book listed, opens it and saves it as PDF. When she runs it as a start up script, she gets intermittent Timeout errors, which will show different line numbers in the script. They are not syntax errors, but Timeout errors.


      OK, here is the catch: she is using FrameMaker and ExtendScript, not InDesign. The reason I am asking here is because this community is bigger and has a lot of brilliant people on it. The FrameMaker community is much smaller and know one has given her a satisfactory answer to her post. So my question is this: can anyone suggest a good way to troubleshoot Timeout errors in ExtendScript?


      For those interested in the details, here is a link to the post: Re: Why is my startup script getting a timeout error in FrameMaker?


      Thank you! -Rick