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    AE CC 2014 Error upon closing project "...layer named '10' is missing or does not exist...

    WShawn Level 1

      Upon closing (or quitting) an After Effects CC 2014 project I'd been working on for several days I'm presented with the following error message dialog boxes 39 times:


      Closing Project Error.png


      In this comp I've masked the same piece of video into 38 triangles to create a transition effect.  I named those layers "1" to "39" for organization.  There are another 39 layers (the flip side of those triangles that come into view when I rotate the main triangles), and the masks of those layers are pick-whipped to the corresponding primary 39 layers.


      Despite this error message, nothing is visibly wrong in the project.  The video that's the source of those layers is NOT missing.  I can see it.  It's a 1920x1080 Apple Pro Res 422 Quicktime, sitting in the same folder as a bunch of other clips.  If it WAS missing wouldn't I see the color bars placeholder?  t tried reimporting the clip and option-dragging it back into those layers, but I get the same message.


      Upon opening the project I get this message, 39 times:


      Opening Project Error.png


      Again, the software is apparently confused, thinking that something is missing when it's not.


      So is this very complex project corrupted now?  That would be a drag.  At least it still seems to work, I just have to hit "OK" on these dialogs 78 times to open and close the project.  I was expecting more for $50/month.




      Shawn Marshall

      Marshall Arts Motion Graphics