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    shadow resizing


      A few days ago I was trying to resize a symbol that was a textbox with a shadow around it, but while it let me resize the colored box, the shadow stayed the same size and I couldn't resize it. Support told me to update the system. After updating, when I imported the same symbol and worked on it on the stage, the shadow and box moved together as they were supposed to. However, in previous projects it still wasn't moving together. What can I do?ShadowBox.pngThis is what it's not supposed to look like- notice how the shadow stayed the original size.

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          I think this can happen when you resize the the contents of the Symbol after creation AND you have the drop shadow applied to the Symbol Instance.




          Select the symbol on the stage - note the w/h in the Property Panel

          Now double click the Symbol Instance to enter Edit in Place mode for that symbol - look in the Property Panel - what does the w/h say?


          If the above does not clarify please share your project files.



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            bbreyrey Level 1

            I realized that in the Properties panel, they've moved things and added things- the Position and Size used to be where the Image now is, and I was adjusting the W & H in the Image section, which wasn't resizing what I wanted to. Thanks for the feedback!