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    Imported video clip is coming in longer then actual file

    Tudor Whiteley

      I have exported a file from iMovie (on a Mac) and am working on Hue/Contrast/Brightness issues in After Effects.

      Initially I thought I had screwed up my audio in iMovie but now it appears the audio and video are the same length until they get imported and then the video is importing at 28:22 minutes but the audio which separated is coming in at 23.40 minutes.

      I initially imported them both as one file but noted the audio was screwed up so I redid it. 

      The audio is a m4a file and the video is an mp4 file.

      If I look at the files in Finder they are both 23:40 minutes.

      Does this ring any bells with anyone?

      I'm using CS6 After Effects on Yosemite 10.10

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.