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    Crashed Sketch lost two hours work... Can it be recovered?

    Baz Sellers Level 1

      I Was working on Sketch, it crashed and deleted everything I'd done. Any chance it can be recovered?

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          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

          I'm sure you've figured out some of your "SAVE" solutions for Sketch by now.  When creative apps get so engaging that we forget to hit the save key, it's one thing, but Sketch doesn't have a 'save key' like desktop Photoshop.



          Obviously, there's no CMD/CTRL+S for the app.  So you have to rely on other ways to avoid losing work due to iOS crashes.


          Connect to CreativeCloud / Upload

          • If you are connected to your CC account, you can just send your file to your CC folder every few minutes.
          • If you are connected to CC and have Ai or Ps open, you can send them to your application (even if you're not in front of it)


          Not Connected / Not Online

          • If you don't have a connection available to you, move out of your current sketch into the project panel every few minutes. This should save the data locally, and even in the event of a crash your file should still be on the iPad.


          These don't help you get the data back from your crash point, but at least you can get back to a recent save point.  I usually save every 20min on desktop.  I'd probably shorten it to 10min on iPad... when I remember.