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    SWF Export


      Hello People,

      I have got a problem when exporting my after effects composition in to Adobe Flash File (SWF).

      After researching online I found out that I have to chose the "Rasterize" option if I want all frames to export.

      This option did work when I exported my composition before; I soon had to make some changes in the composition therefore, I had to export the newer version of the composition.

      When exporting the new composition with "Rasterize" option selected, I am still unable to export it as it only exports till 23 frames.

      Any ideas to solve this problem?

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Why are you exporting as a SWF file from After Effects? This is almost always a bad idea. Tell us what you are trying to accomplish, and we can help you to find a better way.

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            Technogeeks99 Level 1

            I need to export into a .SWF file because, I need it for a school project.

            In our project we are designing a E-newsletter for our IT project; in order to embed my animated banner (my after effects composition), I need to import it as .SWF because, the web designing software we are using for this project (Serif Webplus X6). Yes, I can export into other formats but it is then not possible for me to loop the animated banner in the E-newsletter as the web designing software isn't compatible with this feature. Therefore, I have to export it as .SWF to import it in the software and keep it looping.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              It is nearly always a better idea to export your After Effects composition as a video file through Adobe Media Encoder and embed/link that video file within an SWF using Flash Professional.