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    Canada Software Outlet

    chrypink Level 1

      Is Canada Software Outlet a registered reseller for Adobe?  they are based in Montreal.

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          adobelover123 Level 1

          hello chypink

          yes they are ,you can check them out



          typee the name and click search ,they are really reliable and very professional ,they supported me product and answer my questions very nicely  .

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            Repobox Level 1

            Out of business, all serial numbers revoked. Rip off

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              codywhite Level 1

              I am in the same situation, was adobe able to assist?

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                tc99047717 Level 1

                Same scenario here, and Adobe support basically confirmed that the reseller's "Adobe Authorized Reseller" status--which had been confirmed on Adobe's own website--does not seem to mean much in terms of consumer protection, as per their support rep:


                "Unfortunately, if your purchase was not made directly from Adobe, then you may have bought non-genuine software."


                They are escalating the case, so I'll update here whether they provide any legitimate resolution to this.

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                  gordonarthur Level 1

                  I am also in the same situation and Adobe has also escalated. The more people involved, the better the chance of resolution.

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                    tc99047717 Level 1

                    So after a couple callbacks at weird hours with no voice mails, Adobe finally called me within the hours I had specified with their chat support...nearly 3 weeks later.  The call was basically a 20 minute waste of time and effort where they just kept telling me to go look up the reseller on their website--even though I told them that this reseller had closed down and the licenses were purchased in 2013 and 2014.  They claimed the partner listings would also show a historical list of resellers, which I am sure is incorrect.  They looked up one serial number to confirm that they had blacklisted it...yeah, thanks.


                    I repeatedly stated that their partner / reseller network--of which their own site listings led me to Canada Software Outlet--was useless if they provided no consumer protection or support if they later revoked the licenses that they sold through them.  They didn't seem to care much, and repeatedly tried to sell me new subscription licenses "at the best price" since they don't sell perpetual licenses anymore.  I told them that wasn't really the point, as a perpetual license should be usable and valid for as long as a customer wants to keep using it.


                    I asked the support rep (Akash S.) to escalate this to someone else and repeatedly asked them to email me (which they still have not) so I could document my list of purchased serial numbers to get some type of useful support and recourse.

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                      gordonarthur Level 1

                      I just go a no without explanation or callback.

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                        tc99047717 Level 1

                        After my voice call, support opened a case.  So I sent them a message within the case they created, and they closed the case without responding.  This company's version of "support" is truly a laughable waste of time and effort.  From the looks of things, their "certified" partner / reseller program is just a marketing vehicle for them and of zero value to consumers if you think you will have any protection working within it.


                        I found a couple web articles that likely related to this Canada Software Outlet reseller:



                        https://blogs.orrick.com/iplandscape/2016/09/20/piracy-pays-the-ip-owner-judge-whyte-grant s-motion-for-default-judgment-after-awarding-sanctions-in-unauthorized-software-distributi on-case/


                        It appears that Adobe won the case and tried to get an excessive amount of value for the licenses, which resulted in them getting a relatively low settlement and the license value component was essentially thrown out.


                        So apparently in Adobe's world, badly monitoring their certified partners and activation technologies until trusting customers have purchased thousands of licenses over a period of years (from this reseller alone) is not their problem--even when they successfully sue the reseller to recoup the profits that these customers unknowingly paid to a meaningless "certified" reseller.


                        If Adobe's issue is that they didn't collect enough in the litigation to provide any responsible level of customer protection, the analysis of the case appears to show that their unrealistic valuation of the licenses resulted in the judge (even with no defendants attending the trial to attempt a defense) dismissing the license value component entirely.  So Adobe, you did that to yourself and are apparently taking it out on those who trusted that your certified network actually meant something.