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    Does LinkedPageItemOption do anything?

    Justin Putney Level 2

      All the information that I can find on this property suggests that it's related to Alternate Layouts. We I create a page item in InDesign CC, create an Alt Layout, and then query the LinkedPageItemOption for each item, it comes back with no properties in both cases.


      Has anyone used this property with any success?

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          Aoraki II

          Hi Justin,


          I've been trying to figure out how to use LinkedPageItemOption too. For anyone else who might be following this topic ...

          I have a multipage inDesign document containing about 200 placed illustrator files. There are multiple placed files on each page and they are all placed at different percentages. I'm trying to change them all to 15%. I think LinkedPageItemOption might be the way to go, but I can't figure out how to use it.


          For selecting linked page items, I've tried "theCount" and "every rectangle" and moving linked files to a "Target Layer".

          For scaling, I've tried "get properties, set horizontal scale to 15, set vertical scale to 15". I also tried the abbreviations hScale and vScale. I've applied these to "selection" and "rectangles" but no luck. Anyway, I suspect that if I got the scaling to work, it'd probably scale just the rectangle or maybe the link, but only relative to its current size, not it's original size.


          Also, I have a script that I'd like to tack on the end that fits frame to content proportionally and centers it. That script acts on "every rectangle" and I'd like to figure out how to run it on a selection of rectangles instead.


          Can anyone point me in the right direction?