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      Hi! I truly love kuler! What a great fantastic work toy! I use it mostly to create my own colour themes for collections of patterns. Whenever I pop by I browse the newest section to see if theres something fabulous. Its a bit of a tedious process but the only chance to get to see really new combinations each time. Whenever I go to popular or highest rated, theres always the same old colour themes on the first 10 pages that were there since the beginning.
      I sadly cant stay until I have reached the 20th or 190th page of popular themes and there is no way to skip the first ten pages. I would so like to see combination 1356...it might be sooo much better than dolores, but how should one find out?...I even tried searching a random number, but your search engine doesnt come up with anything:-( .Couldnt you do a line of link page numbers 1-x like in the bottom of google? Or maybe do a recently downloaded section in your navigation bar? Just to make things more liquid?That would be so great! Greets, Jo.
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hi Jo,

          Thanks so much for posting. You have a good point about how to surface more themes other than newest, and how to browse more quickly. We are always interested in improving kuler, and I'll share your feedback with the team.

          What kind of patterns are you creating? I'd love to hear more.