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    My client can't view my html file


      Hi all,


      I am not very experienced in Edge, but here is a problem I never experienced on previous versions. When I sent a publish folder, my client wasn't able to view the .html file in her browser.

      I opened it successfully on another mac, and when I tried on my friend's PC, I have a "Page not found" notification in Chrome.


      Would somebody have a explanation for this by any chance?

      I tried sending the publish file and the whole project folder and I experienced the same problem on my friend's PC.


      Thank you!

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          File > Publish Settings and enable Web. Pay attention to the Target Directory location - by default it should read .\publish\web.
          Which essentially means your published files will be saved to a sub-folder called publish directly under the project location.


          In the lower left of the same dialog click Publish


          Navigate to that folder (publish\web) and upload it to your server for the client to view. Or zip (compress) the entire folder and email to client to download, unzip and view in the browser.