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    I need some help in deciding what program to buy for Movies

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      I have Lightroom and like the program. I have a Nikon D750 and want to create movies that I can show on my tv or computer.,. Lightroom creates slide shows but does not show me how to either burn them to DVD or connect them to my computer,,.,it has nothing do do with movies.. I got a trial of another program from a different company and the movies were fine but the slides were horrible..


      cut to the heart of the matter.,.. I want to be able to make and edit movies .mov file as well as slides and show them on my HDTV or computer,,,and I want one program that produces high quality work that i can use to do both...and  preferably from the same company so as to avoid conflicts  I assume that is Adobe seems like a simple question but..  .  so what should I do and what should i buy? and how do I get the files from the computer to the TV



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          Lightroom has very limited video editing capabilities. At present, it is not designed to be your main video editing software. Whether that changes in the future remains to be seen. You might consider purchasing Adobe Premiere Elements To produce your videos. It will create DVD discs that will play on TV as well your computer. You can export copies of your still images that you want to integrate into your videos, and then use Premiere Elements to edit your video and create your DVD including menus as required.