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    New digital errors in MPEG video and Animations - Premiere CC


      Need help with a new problem,

      I imported MP4 files from an a Canon XA-20 (6-months old).  There are dropouts throughout the video (just like bad Mini-DV tape hits).  Each error last 10-24 frames.


      So, I attributed it to either the SD card going bad, or the camera not keeping up with rendering to that card at 24 Mbps, and the backup dual card at 4 Mbps.


      Here's the strange part.  At the end of my timeline edit, a previous animation now has similar dropouts and glitches.  This is a Digital Juice animation, that rendered and worked flawlessly until now.


      I cleared the Media Cache, thinking these were preview file errors.  No - still there.


      I've never had digital dropouts in animations.  Either the file works, or Premiere can't import it, because it's corrupt to begin with.


      Is anyone having this issue?  Is this:

      - Software related

      - Hard drive error

      - The project file is corrupt


      I'd appreciate any help here.


      God bless,


      Doug Palmer

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          dougyyz Level 1

          Here's an important follow-up:


          The backup safety copy of this video file doesn't have the dropouts, when I view it using MPEG Streamclip.  The working copy of the file does have dropouts, when viewed within MPEG Streamclip.  So, these errors are not isolated to Adobe Premiere.


          My workflow is editing on a G-Drive (4 Tb Raid), and backing up after each edit to a G-Drive 4 Tb standard drive (using Carbon Copy Clone).


          Suggestions on how to circumvent this problem?


          Many thanks.


          Doug Palmer