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    mysterious intermittent slowdown - permissions errors?  or what?

    psion99 Level 1


      Here is my latest mystery.  I work on two different macs - one a bit older than the other.  Both running OS 10.7.5


      After about 2 hours of editing on the older machine, my computer started to move slower and slower and slower until it took about three seconds for the cursor to even respond to the mouse when I selected a target track, for example.  I did a drive speed test, and discovered that both my external editing drive AND my internal boot drive were running at extremely slow read and write speeds - like read speeds as slow as 32 MBps.   This slow drive speed error is an intermittent problem with both this external drive and a second external drive containing the same footage and project files.  All my drives are 7200 rpm (not solid state)


      So the computer will be working fine.  Humming along editing RED 4k footage.  Then 2.5 hours later- BAM.  Everything stops.  Usually after a 20 minute break and a reboot, the computer goes back to normal, so I assumed it was a ram or a vram issue considering the machine is so old.


      The last few times, a reboot did NOT solve the problem. I did a little digging and discovered that there were a slew of permissions errors on my boot drive.  No amount of disk utility repair permissions could solve the problem, so I did a resetpassword command in the terminal and reset all of my permissions to the default, ran another long permissions repair in the disk utility, and then manually went into all the adobe folders and changed the permissions so that everyone had read/write access.


      Unplugged the external drive from the slower machine (got to get this edit done) and plugged it into the faster/newer laptop which I hadn't touched that day.  Same exact problems!  Crazy slow read/write speeds on both the external and the boot drive.  Mad permission issues on the boot drive so that at first my disk speed test software didn't even have permissions to access the drive.   Ran the same permissions exercises as on the first machine, and now my drive speeds are back to relative normal.


      So, my question is - Is it possible that the permission errors were contributing to this mysterious intermittent slow down?  If so, how can I prevent this from happening again?  If not- what can I do to prevent this from happening?


      It seems really suspicious to me that I'm having the problem on two machines and two different drives- each running Premiere Pro 8.1


      Older machine: 2x 2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon 16 GB Ram

      Newer Machine:  2.2 GHz Intel Corei7  16 GB ram

      Both running OS 10.7.5

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          How full are your drives? Rotating drives start melting down performance wise when they become 75% full. It is a result of increase file fragmentation and data throughput at the smaller "tracks" towards the center of the platters (data throughput is better at outer tracks).


          If that is not it, do you have a way to monitor drive temperature? If your cooling is not sufficient, consumer rotating drives will definitely lose performance if they get too hot.





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            psion99 Level 1

            Hi, thanks for your help with this.


            My work drives are not even 50% full.  My boot drives on both machines have

            about 60 GB free on a 500 GB drive - so a little more than 75% full - but

            not that much more. I try to keep space on them as a rule.


            I suspected a drive overheating problem myself.  But that wouldn't explain

            why I had the same problem when I switched to a fresh machine.  Basically,

            after 2.5 hours, the old machine crapped out.  So I unplugged the

            (potentially overheated)  work drive (glyph studio mini)  and hooked it

            into my cold laptop - and then the* laptop'*s boot drive started running at

            32MBps read speed too - even though this was a cold drive.  The problem

            went away after I spent an hour resetting the permissions in the terminal,

            repairing permissions in the disk utility, and then manually changing the

            permissions on my adobe folders.


            I was working on 4k red raw footage in a 1080 timeline rendered out to a

            pro-res sequence with preview files living on my work drive.  I know that's

            processor intensive (especially since I only have 512MB Vram in my graphics

            card), but is that going to overheat my drives after 2 hours?


            Also- on my older machine, I write my media cache files to an additional

            internal drive to make it easier on the boot and work drives.  The newer

            laptop has the media cache copying to the work drive.  Don't know if this

            is relevant at all


            Any thoughts?



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              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

              Hi Psion99,

              I see a few potential issues.

              1. OS X 10.7.x is not supported with Premiere Pro CC 2014.1 (8.1). You need OS X 10.8.x, or later. Please update your OS (and related drivers and plug-ins). I recommend OS X 10.8.5 as I have no issues with it and others on that OS have fewer issues than those running OS X 10.9.x, or later.
              2. If you are operating Premiere Pro CC 2014.1 (8.1) and have updated the project from Premiere Pro CC 2014 (8.0) or earlier, you may experience issues. Revert to the application version you began the project with. Do not update until you're ready to begin a new project.
              3. Your GPU is underpowered in the legacy Mac. It would really help to update that to a GPU with VRAM of 1 GB or more since you're working with RED footage.
              4. Mac OS X can reset permissions of your Adobe folders, as you found out. Please see this article to make sure that you've set all the permissions correctly: Premiere Pro CC, CC 2014, or 2014.1 freezing on startup or crashing while working (Mac OS X 10.9, and later)


              Hope this helps.




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                psion99 Level 1

                Huh.  Thanks, Kevin.  I've had so many conversations with Adobe, and no one

                mentioned that 2014 isn't supported for OS 10.7.5.  That's helpful.


                My issue is that I can't update the OS on the tower - otherwise I would

                have done so ages ago.  And I like to run both machines on the same OS.

                I guess it's the end of the line for that old machine unless I hack it and

                replace the graphics card myself.





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