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    Problem opening Canon 6D RAW even after upgrade today to PS CS6, WinXP-SP3


      Givens: PS CS5>CS6 upgrade via $199USD download today, Non-CC upgrade. OS: WinXP SP3, camera: Canon 6D RAW (.CR2 files) and prefer to work on RAWs via Bridge.
      Main goal: view Canon 6D files in Bridge, do adjustments, open via ACR into PS CS6 for further work.


      My fav workflow for photos is: Bridge>ACR>PS. Just got a Canon 6D camera. So I updated to PS CS6 today and I did go through PS CS6 menu: help>update mechanism for all available updates, which was one round of ACR (and Bridge) updates, no more were offered. That brought ACR from v7.0.0.308 to v7.1.0.354--still could not see Canon 6D RAW files.  I went to Adobe.com and did manual download for ACR/DNG 7_3 but it did not enable Bridge to see my new camera files nor could I open the 6D .CR2 files in PS. Got PS error message about not recognizing filetype, update ACR, etc (which of course I just attempted). (Seems as through PS and Bridge did not know the ACR/DNG 7.3 "existed" IF that is a capability).

      Then I tried to install ACR 8.7 from the "Fix your 6D RAW problems page" and got error messages in PS CS6 (perhaps bc I am on 32-bit system). Decided to start from scratch; uninstalled PS CS6 upgrade.


      Secondary issue is: Now I have uninstalled PS CS6 and done System Restore to the point just after I downloaded PS CS6 upgrade. I want to reinstall but the installer fails. Support chat told me to download PS CS6 Upgrade again (doing that now), then reinstall.


      Solve: Main problem: Be able to work on Canon 6D RAW through Bridge and ACR (prefer NOT to workaround with DNG if possible) At time of writing, as mentioned, I am downloading PS CS6 upgrade again, then plan to reinstall. If that works, then I need steps to update ACR so that I can work on 6D RAWs through Bridge and ACR. Please know that going through Photoshop's Help>Update mechanism does NOT seem to work. Do I need manual updates? If so, please direct me to the correct ones and order of procedure to execute this upgrade successfully.


      Many thanks, Paul