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    Audio disappears

      I recorded audio on 7 slides out of a 40 slide project. The next day, I recorded the audio for the remainder of the slides. When I preview the project, everything is fine. When I preview in a web browser, the audio of the first 7 slides is fine, the remaining audio (recorded the next day) disappears. I've exported the audio, deleted it from the slide and the library, reimported, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. A few of the slides use the Ambiant Loop 3 from the Sound Gallery, same scenario, the ones that were done the first day work, the second day, does not. I cannot find anything that is different in the slides. Any ideas why this happens or is it a "feature"?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          I was going to pass on this one until I saw your last sentence. Thought I'd fall off my chair!

          No, it's really not a "feature". Is there a way you can send me your *.CP file? I'd be happy to look at it. If I can repair it, I'll do so, and send it back with appropriate explanations. If it is small enough to attach to an email, send it to me at:

          larry at captivate-tips dot com

          Have a nice day, Krisattag.
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            Krisattag Level 1
            The file is quite large, but I could send a few slides and maybe you can find the feature ... whoops, problem. Please send me your email address.

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              CatBandit Level 3
              Hi Kris,
              I did send you my email address (chuckle). It is in my first reply (above) in a format designed to be difficult to be picked up by spiders and bangers who cruise forums looking for email addresses ... obviously, the disguise worked, because you didn't recognize it either - LOL! It start with "larry" and ends with "com"...

              Okay, let's try it the way youve suggested - good idea. Any slides that fairly represent the problem should be enough for me to work with in defining the cause of the issue - looking forward to getting the CP.

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                Krisattag Level 1
                I think I actually discovered why the audio is disappearing. I was rerecording the some slides we changed and noticed in the library I had 2 recording with the same name; however, they were different recordings of totally different slides. For example, I had 2 recordings named recording 9, one went with slide 9 and the other (just below it) went with slide 10. Recording 10 actually went with slide 11. Very strange, but I renamed the duplicates and the project seems to be behaving. I guess this is a feature or I just have to learn to rename the recordings. This, to me, would explain why exporting and reimporting would work because I believe it would give the recording a different name. I'm sorry I didn't send the slides, but we've been busy trying to get this project out!