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    You are not authorized to change the security settings of this document


      So I have a major problem here. I have encrypted almost all of my scanned documents. They are very important and have a lot of sensitive information, so I chose to encrypt them in Acrobat 11 with a security certificate which I later exported as a backup file.


      Now, I need to send some of the documents to a recipient online. But when I try to remove the encryption I get the message "You are not authorized to change the security settings of this document".

      I think the problem is that I messed up when I did the encryption. In the recipient permissions I restricted my own user so that I cannot print, edit security settings or copy the document anymore.


      Basically I thought these restrictions applied to other people and not my own user. I didn't know that it was possible to basically lock yourself out of the document...


      I am able to open and read the document with the certificate on my computer. But I cannot change any of the security permissions which I find really odd..


      So now I have no idea what to do. I have the certificate file (pfx) on my computer, but I cannot change the security settings of the document because even my own user is restricted from editing.


      Is there any way I can decrypt the document when I actually have the security certificate and password I encrypted the document with? This is very urgent so I really hope someone can help me out here.