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    multi camera audio disappeared

    HawaiiHippie Level 1

      Premiere Pro 8.1.0, OS 10.9.5, 2.8 GHz quad-core Power Mac with 8GB RAM.  Matrox MXO2 LE interface driving external JVC monitor.


      I'm editing a play using multi camera.  No big thing, just two cameras.  I'm about 20 minutes into a not-quite two hour performance, and the audio just disappeared.  Everything, even the portions I have already edited, have gone silent.  The VU meter flickers at negative infinity.


      I've tried restarting Premiere and playing around with the audio outputs in the Premiere preferences. 


      Any help would be appreciated!

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          HawaiiHippie Level 1

          I spent some time online with Adobe support.  The tech was not able to help me, but did provide a workaround.  I copied the audio files from the sequence where I synchronized everything and pasted them over the nested audio files on the multi camera sequence.  This, of course, creates new issues.  Rather than having 4 channels of audio, each with a single clip, I now have 4 channels of audio, each with over a dozen clips.  Applying equalization and compression is going to be a very different process now! 


          I still want to know why the audio just stopped working.  Is this a multi camera bug in 8.1?  Adobe support has promised to email me after they've had time to scrutinize the project file.  I'll update here if I learn anything.