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    Export Media/EDL bugs for Progressive clips?

    R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Was trying to export media and an EDL to help someone with a problem getting past a frame-rate problem over in Speedgrade, trying to match the footage & EDL.


      It was easy to re-create, I'd got to PrPro, export media being careful to choose "same as source" for output, then export an EDL ... and every time, no matter what the sequence and clip settings were, got the red-boxed frame-rate mismatch error message in Speedgrade.


      Finally ... checking through all the boxes in the export dialog from PrPro ... caught that even though the box "match source" was chosen for my 29.97 progressive clips, scrolling down the "page" I caught that under the output settings "Video" tab, the "Field order" box was set to drop upper ... !!  ?? Set that to "progressive" ... still didn't work.


      Then I caught that the EDL export box included a "drop frame" option which was checked. Un-checked that ... opened Speedgrade, dropped the exported media onto a new timeline, dropped the EDL on top of that timeline and voila! ... timeline split perfectly into clips.


      Why does the export for the media always seem to default to an interlaced option on progressive footage on a progressive sequence?


      And why does the EDL export box always default to an interlaced option, but clearly NOT the one that the media export box uses?