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    How to Create an Epic Rap Battle of History in After Effects (Compositing, VFX, Green Screen, Audio), or Fix Audio, Speed, and Real Time Problems

    Zef Rafaz

      Hello. As a film project, I am creating an "Epic Rap Battle of History", a parody video of a popular series on YouTube. In my film/video, I would like to use compositing so that there will be two of one character in one shot. I have used Premiere Pro CC for the main character sequences, but when I imported this project in After Effects, there was no audio at all from the song, and the canvas displaying the composition was moving very slowly, at about 50% of the video's actual speed. Also, in the top right corner, it says, "Not Real Time", and displays something like 7.39/29.96. I have looked at different web pages, and nothing seems to work.


      I would appreciate it if someone could explain how to fix this all up for me, or especially if someone who has had experience creating an Epic Rap Battle could actually list a step-by-step process on how to create one.


      If this helps, I am a beginner to Adobe, and work on a iMac tower. Thank you for your feedback.