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    Black prints as sepia/muddy brown on Desktop Inkjet printers


      Hi Folks,


      I'm a fairly knowledgeable amateur photographer working on a Yahrzeit card. My CS colour settings are all synced and colour photos and ID layouts print just fine to my Canon PRO-100 and several other desktop inkjet printers from my Windows 7/8 machines. Monitors are pretty carefully calibrated.  BUT, artwork and greyscale photos that print just fine straight from Photoshop CC, print out either a muddy brown or in a sepia tone when they are placed in and printed from InDesign. Now, I've set the Transparency Blend to RGB, and that didn't help. This card isn't going to be sent to a printer; I hope to print a dozen copies or so here at home. I don't need a discusssion of Black vs True Black, CMYK, Windows' inherent weakness in dealing with colour management. I just need to know why something that prints fine from Photoshop doesn't print correctly when being printed from InDesign.


      Thank you very much for any helpful advice that you might be able to provide !