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    HELP!?!? Audio out of sync after export!


      Please Help  - every time I export or render my project, the audio goes out of sync, and progressively gets worse!


      I filmed the video on my Canon Rebel T1i (500D), and then imported the footage (there was a few different clips) into Premiere Pro CC.


      I created a new sequence from the footage, so I know all the sequence settings are correct.


      I've edited the whole video, including:

      • trimming clips
      • adding transitions
      • adding background music on another audio track
      • importing a .mov file (that was created in iMovie, I wanted a particular title that iMovie had)


      The video had been playing with the audio and video perfectly in sync, however when I tried to export the video, the audio and video went out of sync! After a bit of experiment, I found that this also happened when I rendered the footage on the timeline. I have tried everything I can think of - I've copied and pasted the footage into a new project, I've restarted Premiere, I've deleted rendered files and tried again, I've tried exporting into a variety of different outputs and I've tried clearing the media cache, but nothing seems to work!! I've even tried creating a new project and importing the original footage to start again, and the same thing happened. However, when I rendered the video without the .mov clip I added in, it seemed to work okay, but then when I added in the .mov clip it went out of sync again. So maybe it could be something to do with that .mov clip?


      If anyone has any idea what is going wrong with my video and how to fix it, that would be amazing! I'm a bit of a newbie to Premiere, and have searched the forums/web and tried all the solutions others have suggested, and nothing has worked! I've spent hours working on this project, so I'm really not wanting to have to start all over again!!