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    Trouble Updating Flash


      Hello, I'm having a bit of a problem updating my Flash Player


      About 30 minutes ago, I went to the Flash Player Help page to check if my Flash Player was up to date.


      It was not, so I tried to update it to the latest version (I have version, apparently I need version  I did the download, and I did not have any troubles that I saw.  No errors, no freeze-ups, no nothing.  The cloud animation at the bottom of the page is also working as it should.


      However, when I went to check if my computer/browser had the most recent update, the page still says that I do not have the most current version.


      Seeing as I got the download I have from the official download page, I would assume that the download page is giving me the incorrect version.


      So, where can I find and download the most current version? 


      Also noting that the Adobe Flash Player Distribution | Adobe page does not show the most recent version either.


      Just wondering what's going on and how I can get the most recent version of Flash Player...