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    Bristle brush boarder for indesign?


      for production we are making a magazine. the 50 pictures in the spread have have like a bristle brush boarder around em. I'm curious what the most efficient way at tackling this is. i could open the pictures in photoshop but the thing is i got the pictures cropped how i want in indiesgn. i dont really have time going back and forth making sure it's cropped right. the only thing that i thought of that's somewhat been successful is i made a vector of a long bristle brush stripe and taking it and placing it around the pic frames but honestly it dont like the look for the corners and some of it is spilling onto the art spread. also taking too long to doo too lol. has to be a more efficient way for this:)


      btw the photo is a bit hard to see but here is a little reference from what i found on the website WV_1993.jpg