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    Applying a preset after Auto Tone


      When I import a large batch of photographs (2000+) I want to firstly run Auto Tone to get the exposure in the right ball park. Once this is done, I want to apply my own preset. This adjusts most of the settings, EXCEPT exposure which I want to retain from the Auto Tone step. However, this does not work as expected. If I apply the preset with all images selected it seems to process the request, but when I check images individually it does not make the changes! Similarly, if I apply the preset to a single image and then use sync to apply this to all of the other images it does not update the other images with the same settings. Grrrrrr! If I apply the preset to individual images then it does work, but obviously with 2000+ images this isn't really an option..


      Has anyone experienced this before? Is there a bug with using user presets on top of Auto Tone?


      (As a side note, I've tried running the user preset without first running Auto Tone - it works perfectly as expected. So is there some sort of a glitch with running a preset after Auto Tone?)